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About Capitalisk

Capitalisk was founded out of a need to create interconnectable blockchains by giving communities the ability to easily setup decentralized markets between them. Blockchains in the Capitalisk ecosystem can be fully isolated from each other. The goal is to give developers an incentive to build a great project, launch their own dedicated token and integrate it within our ecosystem.


The Capitalisk blockchain ideology is about giving you the incentive to focus on your product and launch it within the Capitalisk ecosystem. Unlike ETH, where fees are unavoidably high; Capitalisk enables you to launch your token on a separate blockchain which is only loosely connected to the Capitalisk mainchain. Communities will have full control of their ecosystems. Capitalisk merely provides the tools. We strongly believe in democratized blockchains and markets.


LDEX was founded to trade between tokens. A market can be launched in a matter of minutes if it's based of the ldpos-chain module.