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Fees on Capitalisk

Capitalisk nodes are decentralized and charge fees per processed transaction. Each type of transaction is subject to a different fee. Fees can be set higher but should be at least:

"minTransactionFees": {
"transfer": "0.1",
"vote": "0.2",
"unvote": "0.2",
"registerSigDetails": "5",
"registerMultisigDetails": "5",
"registerForgingDetails": "1",
"registerMultisigWallet": "0.5"
"minMultisigRegistrationFeePerMember": "1",
"minMultisigTransactionFeePerMember": "0.005"

Any transaction that does not contain enough fees are not being processed. To review fees you can simply run ldpos fees using the ldpos-commander cli package.


Capitalisk supports dynamic fees