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Get started

The ldpos-client-js package is the SDK used to interact with any ldpos blockchain. It exposes easy and understandable methods.


This is an in depth guide on how to use ldpos-client-js. In this tutorial you will learn how to:

  1. Setup a project
  2. Create and connect a wallet
  3. Create, sign and send a transaction


1. Setup your project

  1. Create a project directory:
mkdir my-clsk-project
  1. Enter the directory:
cd my-clsk-project
  1. Initialize npm and install the ldpos-client-js package:
npm init -y
npm install ldpos-client
touch index.js

2. Create a testnet wallet and make a transaction

  1. Open the index.js file:

To receive testnet wallet tokens join our Discord and type !faucet <address> in the #faucet channel. You will receive 100 CLSK tokens. Note that this feature is limited to a one time use per 7 days. If you need any additional tokens please reach out to an admin.

const ldposClient = require('ldpos-client');
const bip39 = require('bip39');

// For a custom chain
const config = {
hostname: '', // IP or hostname to the node, it can be any node in the network
port: 7001, // 7001 is the default convention the testnet, 8001 for the mainnet
chainModuleName: 'capitalisk_chain', // module name of the chain
networkSymbol: 'clsk',

// const config = {
// hostname: '',
// port: '443',
// networkSymbol: 'clsk',
// chainModuleName: 'capitalisk_chain',
// secure: true,
// pollInterval: 10000,
// };

client = ldposClient.createClient(config);

(async () => {
try {
const passphrase = bip39.generateMnemonic();
console.log('Generated passphrase:', passphrase);

await client.connect({ passphrase });
console.log('connection successful!');

const wallet = await client.getWalletAddress();
console.log('Wallet is:', wallet);

const minFees = await client.getMinFees();
console.log('Minimum fees are', minFees.minTransactionFees.transfer);

// Prepare the transaction
const tx = await client.prepareTransaction({
type: 'transfer',
recipientAddress: 'clsk65d4b765f0abe4dae5c564b4a6d2d7b70311fd9e',
amount: '1000000000', // amounts to 1 CLSK
fee: minFees.minTransactionFees.transfer,
message: 'Your first succesful transaction!',

// Post the transaction to the blockchain
await client.postTransaction(tx);

} catch (e) {